2 September 2016

Activision Promising "Additional Game Reveals" for Call of Duty Event Today

    Activision's Call of Duty fan event, Call of Duty XP, kicks off today in California. In a news release sent out this morning, the publisher teased that the show's opening briefing will feature "additional game reveals," as well as some kind of "news" and more. Additionally, Activision will for the first time show off Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty Remastered's multiplayer modes during the event.
Activision did not say if the "game reveals" are new features for Infinite Warfare and/or Modern Warfare Remastered or completely new games. Whatever the case, we'd expect them to be related to Call of Duty, given Call of Duty XP is focused completely on the juggernaut shooter series.